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2017 Annual Meeting Saturday July 8, 9:30a.m.

Proposed Bylaws Changes


History of Sebec Lake

Long before white settlers make their appearance at the lake, it was certainly inhabited by Indians as shown by the great number of arrowheads and stone implements found along the shore. Their name for the lake was Sebecco. In the 1850s folks from the towns of Dover and Foxcroft could take a stagecoach to the Landing. Starting in 1860 there were boats offering rides on the lake. In the middle 1800s and through to the mid-1900s, there were many sawmills and log drives on the lake. In the early 1900s, cottages (known in the area as ‘camps’) were being built on the lake. In 1964, Dover-Foxcroft lawyer Francis Peaks, presented an 800 acre tract of land at the lake to the state to become Maine’s 18th state park, to be named Peaks-Kenny. It is tucked back in a large cove (South Cove), a short distance from Greeley’s Landing. How has Sebec Lake grown over the years? The first listed number of cottages at the lake was 40 before the turn of the century. Now there are over 900 residences, both seasonal and year-round.