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2018 Annual Meeting Saturday July 14, 2018



Annual Meeting 2011

July 20, 2011

Twenty members of the Sebec Lake Association met in the Mayo Hospital Piscataquis room on July 20, 2011. After calling the meeting to order at 7 p.m., President Brian Woodworth welcomed members to the 39th annual meeting, introduced the Officers and Directors present and asked all attendees to introduce themselves.

Brian introduced Tim Obrey, Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Biologist and commented on LD134, legislation introduced by Rep Paul Davis to prohibit the construction of fish ladders at the Sebec Dam and the Milo Dam. This will prevent invasive species known to be in the Penobscot River from entering Sebec Lake. The bill was passed in March by both the state House and Senate. Sebec Lake representatives attended and spoke in favor of the legislation at the 2/9/11 public meeting in Augusta.

The 2010 Annual meeting minutes were read. A correction was made, changing the number of states represented by property owners on the lake to 35, and the minutes were approved as corrected.

The 2011 Treasurer’s Report prepared by Treasurer Jennifer Stewart was distributed (see attached). The net income for 7-10 through 6-11 was $1617.80. It was noted that the website fees were zero. There were 279 paid members for 2010. Total funds available as of July 2010 are $11,826. The report was accepted as presented.

Old Business:

Brian announced that the Homecoming fireworks are on 8/6/11 and the concession stand will be open on the town beach, with shuttles running from town to the beach, as parking is limited. It was noted that the $6500 donated by the town to support Homecoming activities is no longer available, and donations from supporters are essential, especially for the fireworks. The lake association is a major supporter of the fireworks with a $1000 donation to the fund.

Bob Hall commented on the state of the lake. Water quality continues to be excellent. The phosphorous level is steady over the years, and Secchi disk readings for lake clarity were at 30’ in July. It was also noted that Ampersand is doing a great job with the dam. There was difficulty getting the splashboards out last year due to heavy rains which caused the lake level to rise 5’; splashboards were removed in January 2011. Spring rains made the lake level rise to 323-324 feet (above sea level) which is 1’-2’ higher than target level. Bob noted that up to 10,000 cubic feet of water per second enters the lake after a heavy rain due to the extensive watershed for the lake. Sam Shepherd asked about the problem of ice taking out a dock in the spring; Tim Obrey explained that the water was so high when the lake froze that it caused problems. Bob reminded all about invasive plants which can be introduced to the lake by small ‘hitchhiking’ pieces on boats/trailers/motors that have been on other lakes. Check before launching a boat, and be aware of plant growth around the shoreline. Report any unusual plants to any Officer/Director and place a sample in a zip lock bag. The Maine VLMP will determine if it is an invasive species.

Brian noted that contact information for property owners can be updated via a form on the website. Current information is needed in order to receive SLA mailings.

Rick Page reintroduced the issue of the sign near Greeley’s Landing welcoming people to Sebec Lake. After authorizing him to repair the sign three years ago, the sign was removed before he could retrieve it. Rick agreed to contact Dave Lockwood and get a price for replacement.

New Business:

Election of Officers and Board of Directors.

The following slate of Officers was elected unanimously:

President Brian Woodworth
Vice President Don Baldwin
Treasurer Jennifer Stewart
Corresponding Secretary Tom Lizotte
Recording Secretary Janet Hall

The following slate for the Board of Directors was elected unanimously.

Board of Directors

Don Page Marie Woodbrey Gary Soucy
Elaine Page Vic Woodbrey Maurice Marden
Bob Hall Dean Meffe Rick Page
Norman Hill Peter Chase Renee Rawinski

Brian mentioned several local events scheduled for the summer. He announced that Julia Flanders is looking for volunteers to help with the Loon Watch count each summer. Details are on the website. Because he had received inquires about docks, he distributed information from local dealers. New boat decals were designed and a prototype displayed. Brian will look into production, based on the positive reaction to selling these again.

Bob Hall requested authorization to make up to a $500 contribution to Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Association. VLMP offers free classes, counsel, training and identification of invasive species for the lakes in Maine. This was unanimously approved.

Janet Hall requested authorization to spend up to $500 for website maintenance, noting that last year, this allocation was not used at all. . This was unanimously approved.

Brian noted lake residents who had passed away over the winter: Frank Whittaker, Norm Watters, Will Russick and Jean Soule Rich. Donations have been made to SLA in Jean’s name at the request of her family. Our condolences are extended to the families of all.

Tim Obrey spoke about the fish population, including viewing salmon jumping the falls at Early’s Falls to spawn starting after Labor Day. He reiterated the importance of LD134. He noted that togue population is down due to the reduced stocking rate, while salmon population is up due to the water level agreement to keep the lake level up through October 15 each year. Questions/answers included: Where are the white perch? In the narrows back to Greeleys; Is acid rain a problem? No, the ph level is neutral; Is mercury a problem? Not an issue here. Tim noted that salmon are found about the 35’ level in summer, at the top of the thermo clime and togue are found at the 50’ level, near the bottom of the thermo clime. Sebec Lake is still considered to have native salmon, since it is no longer stocked. Other Maine lakes continue to be stocked with salmon.

Brian thanked the attendees and adjourned the meeting at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Hall, Recording Secretary

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