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2018 Annual Meeting Saturday July 14, 2018



Annual Meeting 2012

July 14, 2012

Thirty-two members of the Sebec Lake Association met in the Mayo Hospital Sebec room on July 14, 2012. After calling the meeting to order at 7 p.m., President Brian Woodworth welcomed members to the 40th annual meeting and introduced the Officers and Directors present. Brian handed out the new Sebec Lake stickers to all present. They will be publicized at the Town Halls and can be purchased from Brian or Janet Hall.

The 2011 Annual meeting minutes were read by attendees. The minutes were approved as presented.

The 2011 Treasurer’s Report was presented by Treasurer Jennifer Stewart. She pointed out that dues income increased by $2286; this included 2011 dues paid after 7/1/2011 and 2012 dues paid prior to 7/1/2012. The report was accepted as presented.

Old Business:

Brian announced that the Homecoming fireworks on 8/4/12. The fireworks are supported 99% by camp owners, and SLA has contributed $1000, and is a major donor.

Bob Hall commented on the state of the lake. Sebec is in the top 10-15% of Maine lakes in clarity and health. He suggested that we work toward having a VLMP Invasive Plant Identification Workshop in D-F next summer. He will work with VLMP to that end. It was noted by attendees that there is not monitoring of boats for invasive plants during Bass Tournaments. Rudy Davis commented that in Utah, boats are steam washed prior to entering the lakes. Paul Davis reported that the $10 for milfoil sticker goes into the general fund. Pictures of invasive plants can be found at

Brian announced that the Board voted to send only one mailing in 2013 via first class to ensure speedier delivery and forwarding.

Rick Page and Brian installed the new Sebec Lake sign near Greeley’s Landing welcoming people to Sebec Lake. The new sign was created by Carl Brackett.

New Business:

Election of Officers and Board of Directors.

The following slate of Officers was elected unanimously:

President Brian Woodworth
Vice President Rick Page
Treasurer Jennifer Stewart
Corresponding Secretary Tom Lizotte
Recording Secretary Janet Hall

The following slate for the Board of Directors was elected unanimously.

Board of Directors

Rudy Davis Marie Woodbrey Gary Soucy
Renee Rawinski Vic Woodbrey Maurice Marden
Bob Hall Dean Meffe Peter Chase
Norman Hill

Budget Items: Request $1000 for 2013 Fireworks donation, $500 for VLMP donation, $100 for water testing, up to $500 for website fees and maintenance. These requests were approved unanimously.

Brian commented on upcoming community events. Rick Page suggested Mary Jane Sheldon-McKenzie be considered to be on the Board.
Representative Paul Davis discussed his legislation passed last year to prevent fish ladders from being installed at Milo and Sebec. However, there is still great concern that some individual will transport invasive species via ‘bucket taxi’ into Sebec. We need to be vigilant in helping to prevent this.

Tim Obrey also spoke about invasive fish including largemouth bass which are currently in Lake Hebron. Both shad (river spawners) and alewives (lake spawners) are likely to end up in Sebec either by swimming downstream or upstream from other lakes into which they travel via fish ladders. The first Winter Fishing Derby was held this winter, sponsored by the D-F fire department. Both lake trout and salmon were caught in low numbers, but high quality. Federal and IFW funds were granted to dredge the entry to Greeley’s Landing. D-F. Tim has convened a group of people to work on a Fisheries Management Plan for Sebec. Their charge includes the management of the lake, measurable benchmarks to track progress, a clear course of action to reach set goals, create an informational document. This document will keep everyone on ‘the same page’ and help to limit ‘rogue ideas.’ See the spring 2012 Newsletter for an article by Tim on the history of fish management in Sebec. In the 2nd-3rd week of September, the salmon attempt to jump Earley’s Falls to spawn in Wilson Stream. Only about 25% make it over the falls. Maurice pointed out that the lake cannot be lowered until Tim reports that the spawning process is over. There were several comments and questions for Tim from the attendees.

Brian thanked the attendees and adjourned the meeting at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Hall, Recording Secretary

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