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2018 Annual Meeting Saturday July 14, 2018



Annual Meeting 2013

July 13, 2013

Twenty-five members of the Sebec Lake Association met in the Mayo Hospital Piscataquis room on July 13, 2013. After calling the meeting to order at 7 p.m., President Brian Woodworth welcomed members to the annual meeting and had the Officers and Directors present introduce themselves, then asked those present to do the same. Brian announced that the SLA decals would be available for purchase after the meeting as well as on the SLA website.

The 2012 Annual meeting minutes were read by attendees. The minutes were approved as presented.

The 2012 Treasurer’s Report was presented by Treasurer Jennifer Stewart. She pointed out that dues income decreased by $2672 (45%) from 2012 to 2013. There was a question about the significant increase in insurance fees; this was due to a once-every-3 year $300 premium to bond the Treasurer for $10000. The report was accepted as presented.

Old Business:

Bob Hall commented on the state of the lake. After some high water early in the season due to heavy rains, the lake is at the correct level at this time. The level will hit 325’ at least once each season. The Secchi disk readings for water clarity are consistently in the top 10% of lakes in the state; last year’s average was visibility to 25 feet; below 2’, the lake is in trouble. Phosphorous levels are .007ppm, well below the dangerous level. We do not test for mercury. According to Tim Obrey, DF&W, a study was done 15-18 years ago and the result indicated that longer-lived fish have more mercury.

Roxanna Gerrish asked about mailing the Newsletter later. It was explained that we mail to ‘home’ addresses, and want to reach out-of-staters before they go to the lake. First class postage this year reached more people successfully with only 50 of 900+ pieces returned.

New Business:

Election of Officers and Board of Directors.

The following slate of Officers was elected unanimously:

President Brian Woodworth
Vice President Rick Page
Treasurer Jennifer Stewart
Corresponding Secretary Cindy Woodworth
Recording Secretary Janet Hall

The following slate for the Board of Directors was elected unanimously.

Rudy Davis Marie Woodbrey Gary Soucy
Joe Guyotte Vic Woodbrey Maurice Marden
Bob Hall Dean Meffe Peter Chase
Norman Hill Mary Jane Sheldon-McKenzie

Budget Items: Request $1000 for 2014 Fireworks donation, $500 for VLMP donation, $100 for water quality testing, up to $500 for website fees and maintenance. These requests were approved unanimously.

Val Coluni spoke of his concern that although he’s a taxpayer and community worker in Maine, he is still required to pay out-of-state fees for licensing vehicles/fishing/boats; his son was also cited for fishing without a license while teaching his son to fish. It was suggested that this is a Legislative matter and he needs to contact the state representatives.

Brian announced Community Events: The Bike Maine stop in D-F in September; Contributions to the Arno fund can be sent to the Kiwanis; the fund will be used to help pay for an emergency tower with camera/phone/siren at the Dam in hopes of preventing another tragic drowning.

Tim Obrey talked about the Fisheries Management Plan created for Sebec Lake in 2012; the full plan can be read on the Sebec Lake website by clicking on Sebec Lake, then Fisheries Management Plan. Tim explained the difficulties of keeping the lake at the correct level for spawning salmon before draining the lake for the winter. High water in the spring encourages breeding on the shoals, then when the water is let down to reach the required 322.8 feet, the eggs are left high and dry. All agreed that the Dam operators are doing a much better job controlling the lake level than several years ago.

Brian thanked the attendees and adjourned the meeting at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Hall, Recording Secretary

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