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2018 Annual Meeting Saturday July 14, 2018



Annual Meeting 2014

July 12, 2014

Twenty-three members of the Sebec Lake Association met in the Mayo Hospital Piscataquis room on July 12, 2014. After calling the meeting to order at 7 p.m., President Brian Woodworth welcomed members to the annual meeting and had the Officers and Directors present introduce themselves. He then introduced Denise Buzzelli, Piscataquis Chamber of Commerce Executive Director. Janet introduced Joanne Raymond, widow of Dave Raymond, long-time Lake Association President. Brian pointed out that a slide presentation of photos of Lake activities from the past to the present would be playing during the meeting.

The 2013 Annual meeting minutes were read by attendees. The minutes were approved as presented.

The 2013 Treasurer’s Report was presented by Treasurer Jennifer Stewart. She pointed out that there was $500 advertising income, but that the net income showed the Association has a more than $1000 income deficit. Cost saving measures and programs to increase membership were discussed at the Board meeting. The report was accepted as presented.

Old Business:

Bob Hall commented on the state of the lake. After some high water early in the season due to heavy rains and snow, the lake is at the correct level at this time. The Secchi disk readings for water clarity are consistently in the top 10% of lakes in the state; last year’s average was visibility to 23 feet; below 2’, the lake is in trouble. Phosphorous levels are .004ppm, well below the dangerous level.

Maurice Marden commented that the dam operators know what they are doing and have been responsive to events. He reminded us that the dam is there to make electricity; the water must be down to install/remove the boards safely; there are state mandated rules governing dam operation. In reply to Dean Meffe’s question, Maurice reported that all gates of the dam are working. Brian indicated that Plum Creek cutting has impacted the amount of water getting into the lake.

New Business:

State Rep. Paul Davis gave an update on the status of the Penobscot Restoration Trust which has been authorized to restore the Penobscot to what it was 200+ years ago. This impacts the rivers that feed the Penobscot, including Sebec. The concern is that a fish bypass at Howland will allow pike to enter the feeder rivers and eventually they will be in Sebec Lake. They are already in Sebago, Belgrades and Pushaw Pond. Pike will decimate the salmon population. Rep. Davis feels that an Attorney is needed to sue the Trust to stop further dam removal; there are no funds to hire an Attorney. Alternatives to fish bypass include a fish ladder which pike will not jump, or an elevator which is expensive and must be manned but will stop pike. Invasive milfoil is present in the Belgrade lakes; the new milfoil sticker will use ½ the funds collected to help lake associations eradicate milfoil. There was a study on rubber lures; in Sebec, 3.2% in Sebago, 5.2% of trout examined had rubber in their stomachs. See the report at ‘Rubber Lures Study’.

Election of Officers and Board of Directors.

The following slate of Officers and Board of Directors was elected unanimously:

President Brian Woodworth
Vice President Rick Page
Treasurer Jennifer Stewart
Corresponding Secretary Cindy Woodworth
Recording Secretary Janet Hall

Board: Rudy Davis ,Marie Woodbrey, Gary Soucy, Joe Guyotte, Vic Woodbrey, Maurice Marden, Bob Hall, Dean Meffe, Peter Chase, Norman Hill, Mary Jane Sheldon-McKenzie.

Advertising: Cindy Woodworth reported that 50 letters were sent soliciting advertising for the Newsletter. $500 in ads were sold.

Website: Brian Woodworth indicated we are looking for a replacement for Gary Soucy to work on the website and asked for suggestions.

VLMP Invasive Plant Workshop: Rudy Davis reported on the July 2013 workshop; the outgrowth was the idea to create a team to ‘map the lake’; given the large size of Sebec, it was suggested that we start with the boat launches, but we need viewing scopes. He reminded everyone that visiting equipment used on other lakes must be thoroughly inspected and washed. This includes boats/trailers/personal watercraft/floats/etc. Invasive plants can ‘kill the lake’. Everyone needs to recruit members so we can have money to buy equipment needed to monitor the lake. Marty McKenzie asked the cost of scopes (est. $100 each). Denise Buzzelli talked about an eradication/prevention system developed by AWC; she will send the website to Rudy.

Budget Items: Requests were made for $1000 donation for fireworks, $500 for VLMP, up to $100 for water testing, up to $500 for website fee and maintenance. There was discussion of amounts to donate given the bleak financial report. A question was asked how the fireworks supports the SLA charge to ‘Preserve and Protect’ the lake; Rudy Davis and Brian Woodworth explained that it creates awareness of the SLA since we are a major contributor; Sam Shepherd felt it was good publicity. Do the fireworks pollute the lake? Marty McKenzie stated that the operator retains the canisters and most of the debris blows away and does not fall in the lake. A bigger threat is the debris from camp owners’ fireworks. Because it was suggested that we need money for viewing scopes to search for invasive plants, the question was asked is the fireworks donation better spent on scopes. Ultimately, it was agreed to allocate $500 for the 2015 Fireworks and $100 for VLMP. All requests were passed unanimously.

Brian thanked the attendees and adjourned the meeting at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Hall, Recording Secretary

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