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2018 Annual Meeting Saturday July 14, 2018



Motion to allow up to $1000 for IPP

The following motion was presented and voted on via email, with all SLA Directors receiving a copy.

The motion, initiated by Director Rudy Davis, states 'that an amount UP TO $1000 be allocated for expenditures relating to the Invasive Plant Patrol initiative.' The motion was approved with 9 yea votes, 1 nay vote and 6 directors not responding to the request to vote.

Background for this request: Rudy is leading the creation of the Invasive Plant Patrol program to begin this summer; the IPP program was approved at the annual meeting July 12, 2014. The program includes IPP workshops with VLMP on Friday 6/30/15 at Foxcroft Academy and an on-water workshop at Greeley's Landing on 7/1/15 for people who have volunteered to be part of the IPP program, including some Foxcroft Academy students. Please note that we have already received more than $600 in donations from the membership for these expenses.

Rudy writes:

"We are voting on expenditures to buy equipment for use in the IPP. Scopes, Maps, Collection equipment, pens, pencils, notebooks, drinking water (hot days in boats), signage for the launches, etc....things that enable us to do the mapping and observations, and to further education.

I do not see us needing to buy PFD's or kayaks, canoes, paddles etc, etc....many are loaning these to the effort. We are purchasing volunteer liability coverage insurance otherwise, so participants (students or not) would be covered under that policy.

Our plan is to not have students participate if:

They do not have a PFD that fits them (or we can't get one for them to use from an adult team member)
They do not have parental permission to participate and a waiver.
They cannot swim."

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