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2018 Annual Meeting Saturday July 14, 2018



Annual Meeting 2015

July 11, 2015

Thirty-four members of the Sebec Lake Association met in the Mayo Hospital Piscataquis room on July 11, 2015. President Brian Woodworth called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m., welcomed members to the annual meeting and had the Officers, Directors and members introduce themselves.

The 2014 Annual meeting minutes were read by attendees. The minutes were approved as presented.

The 2014 Treasurer’s Report was presented by Treasurer Jennifer Stewart. She pointed out that increased dues, donations and advertising revenue increased the balance sheet by $2899.02. The report was accepted as presented.

Old Business:

Rudy posed the question to the attendees if $15 is the appropriate dues amount. Paul Meierdierck thought it was. David Criner asked about membership numbers; Janet indicated that 21% of our 920 records pay dues. Jennifer Rogers asked if SLA is on Facebook (no); Paul Meierdierck indicated there was some confusion that SLA and Road associations are connected (they are not); Roxanna Gerrish asked if we kept track of camps changing ownership (this is done through Tax Commitment lists annually for each of the four towns on the lake); Steve Robinson said that having a ‘cause’ would draw more members (Rudy said the Invasive Plant Patrol project is our current ‘cause’.) Brian indicated that there is talk of cooperation with other neighborhood associations on the lake (e.g. Tim’s Cove.)

Bob Hall reported on the state of the lake. The lake is at the target level at this time. Maurice Marden commented that the lake level was unusually low this spring. The Secchi disk readings for water clarity are consistently in the top 10% of lakes in the state; last year’s average was visibility to 23 feet. Phosphorous levels were not measured; this is a bi-annual measurement for SLA; the State measures every 5 years. Ice out has been tracked since 1829; the average date is 4/28; in 2015, it was 5/2. Lesley Fernow asked if the number of ice fishermen was monitored (no); this year there were fewer due to an average temperature of 34 for much of the season.

Cindy Woodworth reported that Newsletter/Web advertising income was $860, an increase of $360 over last year. She pointed out that every record in our database (more than 900) gets a Newsletter, which is an incentive for advertisers. The newsletter also serves to educate the readers.

Rudy reported on the Invasive Plant Patrol project, which includes forming a team of volunteers, including Foxcroft Academy students and camp owners. The objectives include 1) mapping littoral zone (to 15’ depth) with current plants in order to monitor for invasive plants, starting with local boat launch areas; 2) Educate residents and visitors; 3) Form a rapid response team to check on reports of suspicious plants. Classroom training was on 6/30 and water training was cancelled and will be rescheduled. This year’s program will help determine the type of equipment that is best. Lesley Fernow asked about problems with canoes/kayaks that camp residents take to other water bodies in the state (they should be washed and dried before going back into Sebec.) It was suggested that the website have a map of lakes in the region that have invasive plants (Janet will look into that.)

Lesley Fernow reported on legislation that D-F is considering to prevent the E-W corridor and protect the local water supply. The well at D-F town beach has been closed.

New Business:

Election of Officers and Board of Directors.

The following slate of Officers and Board of Directors was elected unanimously:

President………………………….......Brian Woodworth
Vice President…………….......Rick Page
Treasurer…………………….......……Jennifer Stewart
Recording Secretary…....……Janet Hall
Corresponding Secretary………Cindy Woodworth

Gary Soucy, Bob Hall, Peter Chase,
Norman Hill, Dean Meffe,
Maurice Marden, Rudy Davis,
Joe Guyotte, MJ Sheldon-McKenzie

Budget Items.
The following Budget items were approved unanimously:

Insurance Coverage: $1200 includes
1) Directors Liability ($800),
2) 10K Treasurer’s Bond ($400 for 3 years, $133 per year),
3) Equipment (Water monitoring, IPP) with $500 deductible ($250).
Web: Hosting ($300) and maintenance ($200)
Water quality testing ($100)
VLMP Donation (includes IPP classes): $500
Fireworks Donation for 2016: $500

Brian reported upcoming community events.

Fred Muehl presented his prototype for a ‘safety pole’ at the boat launches, which is PVC pipe cemented in the ground with a life preserver attached. The unit costs $100 to make; there could be ‘advertising’ on the preserver. There were questions as to how to keep the preserver from being taken. It was agreed that the prototype would be installed at Greeley’s boat launch to see how it stands up over the season.

Tim Obrey, Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Biologist. Tim spoke on the efforts to determine the success rate of salmon jumping Earley’s Falls to spawn in the fall and how to make it easier for the salmon; new monitoring equipment was described and a comprehensive slide show presented.

Brian thanked the attendees and adjourned the meeting at 11:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Hall, Recording Secretary

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