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2018 Annual Meeting Saturday July 14, 2018



Annual Meeting 2016

July 09, 2016

Thirty members of the Sebec Lake Association met in the Mayo Hospital Piscataquis Room on July 9, 2016. President Brian Woodworth called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m., welcomed members to the annual meeting and had the Board members introduce themselves.

Lesley Fernow, President of the Maine Highlands Senior Center housed in the refurbished Central Hall, described the project, which is nearing completion, and invited SLA to tour of the facility.

The 2015 Annual meeting minutes were read by attendees. The minutes were approved as presented.

The 2016 Treasurer’s Report was presented by Treasurer Jennifer Stewart. Not included is the 2016 Newsletter printing/mailing cost of nearly $1000; the bill was delayed. Donations totaled $3370, up from previous years, and helped to increase the assets by $4333.49. The report was accepted as presented.

Old Business:

Bob Hall reported on the state of the lake. Clarity remains at 22 ft.; phosphorous is measured by the state every 5 years; SLA will do a phosphorous test this year. The lake level monitoring equipment still functions, but has cumbersome data retrieval on-site.

Advertising revenue was $920. It was decided at the Board meeting that ad rates need to increase in order to cover increased printing/mailing costs due to any additional advertising. Norm Hill and Peter Chase coordinate the advertising. Peter will look into alternative printing/mailing options which can streamline the publishing/mailing of the newsletter. He also will look into creating a Facebook page for SLA to increase our exposure.

Rudy reported on the Invasive Plant Patrol project. Donations for IPP totaled $1121. Brian Krause, Biology teacher at FA, has been working with Rudy and has involved students from FA. The plan for 2016 is to work each Thursday through mid-August, using teams of 2-3 people. Due to the generally steep drop-off from the shore, there is no plant growth beyond 7ft from shore, and this allows walking the shore with a scope to view/id the plants. As plants are identified through the scopes, a monitor records location/depth/type of plant/density. It was suggested to add GPS coordinates. Volunteers are really needed to keep this going; you can volunteer for a single session or several. Volunteers need aqua shoes/waders/snorkels/masks for comfort. Training will be by trained current IPP members; if we have a large number, we can call on VLMP to lead a class. To date, mapping has been done at Greeley’s Landing and Newell Cove near the Bowerbank boat launch. So far, only native water plants have been found. In 2016, the plan is to map all of Newell Cove, Greeley’s Landing towards the camps, State Park, and the north shore of the big lake where the shoreline has deep water.

Rudy emphasized the need to thoroughly clean boats, trailers, motors, water toys, etc. that have been in other lakes. The question was raised about boats brought here by dealers for test runs: are there regulations for dealers related to cleaning before launching; Rudy will check with VLMP. Glenn Rogers suggested that signs be placed at gas pumps on the lake. Lesley Fernow asked if boat washing stations could be placed at the boat launch sites; Rudy said this had been discussed, but the cost of equipment and personnel would be prohibitive for SLA. Improved Boater Education signage, placed BEFORE the shoreline, would be an improvement. Community Education could be improved by press releases in the Observer/Gazette, signs (possibly constructed by the Environmental Club at FA), and hand out flyers at the Fireworks in August.

The SLA Board is reviewing the Bylaws with the goal of using technology, allowing discussions/votes via electronic media. This solves the issue of conducting business off-season as the Board is spread across the country at that time. The proposed changes will be posted on the website after Board approval, and will be voted on by the Membership at the 2017 Annual Meeting.

Tom Gerrish expressed concern over the small size of the landlocked salmon in the lake and suggested SLA contact IFW. Last year, Tim Obrey talked about research being done to improve the population/size of the salmon, so IFW is aware of the situation. Peter Chase, a member of Tim’s ‘Stakeholder’ group felt that it was a feedstock issue and the smelt population needs to be increased.

Jennifer Rogers asked about the prototype ‘Rescue Pole’ that was to be installed at Greeley’s; Brian said that the town would not allow anything to be put on the grassy area near the launch.

New Business:

Election of Officers and Board of Directors.
The Board presented a slate of Officers and Board of Directors. There were an additional four nominations from the floor: Brian Krause, FA Biology teacher who has been actively working with Rudy on the IPP, Drew Daubenspeck (Tim’s Cove), Jennifer Rogers (Bowerbank FR1) and Dennis Beaver (Bowerbank, FR9). Drew, Jennifer and Dennis have each had a lifelong family presence on the lake. The nominations were all seconded. Due to the resignation of Rick Page (VP) from the Board, Rudy was nominated to fill the VP position.

The following slate of Officers and Board of Directors was elected unanimously:
President…………………………Brian Woodworth
Vice President……………….…Rudy Davis
Treasurer…………………………Jennifer Stewart
Recording Secretary……….. Janet Hall
Corresponding Secretary….Cindy Woodworth

Gary Soucy, Bob Hall, Peter Chase, Norman Hill, Dean Meffe, Maurice Marden, Joe Guyotte,
MJ Sheldon-McKenzie, Brian Krause, Drew Daubenspeck, Jennifer Rogers, Dennis Beaver

Rick Page’s service to the Board since 2011 was recognized by President Woodworth.

Budget Items.
The following Budget items were approved unanimously:
Website: Up to $500 for Hosting fees ($300) and maintenance ($200)
Water quality testing: up to $100
VLMP Donation: $500
Fireworks Donation for 2017: $500

Brian reported upcoming community events.
SLA decals can be ordered on the SLA website.

Rodney Preble, Bowerbank Fire Chief. Rodney talked about the Fire Boat 3-year project, purchased with fund raisers, a Plum Creek donation, and the King Fund; no taxpayer money was used. The project was initiated for additional fire protection at the lakeshore and mutual aid to nearby Fire Departments. The 20’ pontoon boat has been equipped with a mid-ship fire pump with a 500’ hose powered by gasoline, a floating ramp for water/patient rescue and related equipment. The fire pump was donated by the John Moore family. The Fire Boat is trailered to the Bowerbank launch site; it was tested and deployed in 11 minutes from the firehouse to Seymour Cove. During Red Flag fire alerts, it can be stored in the water at the dock of Bowerbank firefighter volunteers. Firefighters are also being trained for water rescues and transfer of patients to nearby medical facilities via Greeley’s Landing.

Joe Guyotte, D-F fire chief, praised Rodney and crew for protecting shoreline buildings during a recent fire near Parsons Landing. D-F has requested a $16K grant from the King Foundation for better communication equipment for the D-F Fire Department.

Brian thanked the attendees and SLA Board and adjourned the meeting at 11:40 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Hall, Recording Secretary

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