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2018 Annual Meeting Saturday July 14, 2018



Annual Meeting 2008

August 9, 2008

Thirty members of the Sebec Lake Association met in the Mayo Hospital Conference room on August 9, 2008. After calling the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m., President Gary Soucy welcomed members to the annual meeting.

Gary noted that two of our most active members, Bud and Ruth Meierdierk had passed away this summer. Ruth was a Director for many years. Condolences were expressed to their daughter, Jill Adams.

The reading of the 2007 minutes was called for; they were accepted as read.

The Treasurer’s report was presented in written form. It was noted that the report now is presented for the fiscal year (July 2007 – June 2008), a change for previous reports which were presented from the date of the prior meeting to the meeting date. It was explained that insurance costs are for liability insurance for the Officers. Newsletter printing cost of $56 was for printing only. Mailing costs of 900 newsletters will be included in the next Report, as it occurred after 6/30/08. The total funds available as of August 9, 2008 are $14,586. The report was accepted as presented.

Old Business:

Two items were discussed prior to the reading of the minutes. Gary announced that as of 11/30/07, ownership of the dam transferred to Ampersand Energy Partners LLC in Boston MA. There continues to be local operational control of the dam. Dr. Sensinig asked if the water supply for residents at the Bowerbank town or the pump at FR 9 was ever tested. It was suggested that a water testing kit is available at the Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District office in the Pine Tree Industrial Park in Dover-Foxcroft.

Bob Hall reported on the lake quality/level.
1. Lake clarity is down from last year to a range of 18 (heavy rain in July/Aug) to 27 feet(less rain).
2. Phosphorous readings were again taken at four points on the lake (Ship Pond Stream, Wilson Stream, center of lake and dam area) and sent to UMaine for analysis at $25 each. The current range is 4 to 6 parts per billion. Increased phosphorous concentration is one of the first indicators of degradation of the lake water quality with 15 ppb being the worry point.
3. Arsenic readings were ‘undetectable’, i.e. <5 ppb.
4. The current lake level is 324 feet, averaging 323.2 feet (above sea level). It is running high due to the heavy rains and the fact that one of the generators is down for repair, requiring one gate to remain closed. Dean Meffe reported that repair is scheduled to be finished by the end of the season.
5. The ‘No Trespassing’ and ‘No Swimming’ signs have been removed.
6. No invasive plants have been reported. Summer residents are asked to be aware of unusual plant growth both at launch sites on the lake and in front of their camps.
7. A temperature data logger was obtained as part of a research program at UMaine to collect variations in temperature with sunlight. It will remain in place for the summer, then sent for analysis.

Questions/comments related to lake quality/level included the following:
1. Maurice Marden has talked with the new owners. The closest office is in New Hampshire. He noted that the flashboards are now made of plywood, which is less vulnerable to vandalism.
2. Gene Snyder and Don Page reported that there is erosion occurring at South Cove and Tim’s Cove. Current regulations prevent repairing the lake shore, so it is imperative that the lake level be maintained at the required range. Maurice Marden pointed out that the watershed terrain has changed with building and extensive logging, removing trees and brush which soak up the rain, which then gets to the lake much faster than in the past, causing the lake to rise. The dam cannot keep up with the volume.
3. Gary reported that there is a problem with the web site’s ability to present water level readings. It is being worked on. Meanwhile, there is a link to Mike McCormick’s website (webcam), and Mike has allowed the lake levels to be posted there.
4. Jill Adams asked if anything was done in the spring to keep the lake level down. Maurice Marden explained that the gates were wide open and the flashboards are removed to allow maximum outflow.
New Business:

Reid Johnston initiated discussion of the causes of phosphorous in the lake (laundry/dishwasher detergents) and where samples were taken. Bob Hall pointed out that measurements are taken at the end of August, per VLMP guidelines, at the outlets of Wilson and Ship Pond streams, the middle of the lake and just above the dam.

Shirley Johnston expressed concern that hazard markers had been moved. It was pointed out that SLA used to place markers, but that the state took over many years ago due to the liability to the SLA. Gene Snyder reported that the State has been in this year to check markers. Placement is recorded by GPS. They are also charting the bottom of the lake. Each marker has a telephone number on it to report problems.

Nancy Soucy suggested posting the minutes on the web site and putting an abbreviated version in the newsletter.

Reid and Shirley Johnston expressed concern with extensive tree removal at Cotton Brook. These issues must be taken to the town.

Dean Meffe brought up arsenic levels in wells. It was noted that arsenic levels in drinking water now have a new maximum (was 50 ppb, now 10 ppb). Wells which were fine may now show unacceptable measurements.

A motion was made to allow Bob Hall to spend up to $100 to have lake water tested for phosphorous. The motion passed.

A motion was made to donate $500 to VLMP (Maine’s Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program). Bob explained that the VLMP holds classes for anyone interested in Maine Lakes at no charge, and keeps track of the quality and problems, including invasive species of plants, in Maine lakes. The motion passed.

Gary announced that Mike McCormick is proposing a Labor Day sailboat race. Contact Mike at

In response to a question, Gary reported that SLA membership is about 30% of camps; there are about 250 members and over 900 camps, based on the extensive collection of address data last year. Please let us know if a camp sells so that we can keep the list current.

The following officers and directors were elected unanimously with a motion that the secretary cast a single ballot:

President Gary Soucy
Vice President Brian Woodworth
Treasurer Jennifer Stewart
Corresponding Secretary Tom Lizotte
Recording Secretary Janet Hall

Board of Directors

Don Page Gene Snyder Marie Woodbrey
Elaine Page Elizabeth Snyder Vic Woodbrey
Bob Hall Dean Meffe Maurice Marden
Becky Engdahl Don Baldwin

Gary adjourned the meeting at 8:50 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, Janet Hall, Recording Secretary


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