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2018 Annual Meeting Saturday July 14, 2018



Annual Meeting 2009

August 29, 2009

Fourteen members of the Sebec Lake Association met in the Mayo Hospital Conference room on August 29, 2009. After calling the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m., President Gary Soucy welcomed members to the 37th annual meeting.

The reading of the 2008 minutes was called for; they were accepted as read.

The Treasurer’s report was presented orally by the Recording Secretary from a report prepared by Treasurer Jennifer Stewart comparing the 07-08 fiscal year with 08-09 fiscal year. The total funds available as of August 29, 2009 are $14,739. The report was accepted as read.

Old Business:

Bob Hall reported on the lake quality/level:

1. Lake clarity is about the same as last year with a range of 16 (heavy rain in June/July) to 20 feet. It was noted that Sebec Lake is in the top 10% of lakes in the state for water clarity/quality.
2. Phosphorous readings were again taken at four points on the lake (Ship Pond Stream, Wilson Stream, center of lake and dam area) and sent to UMaine for analysis at $25 each. The range continues at 4 to 6 parts per billion. Gene Snyder suggested taking a reading near Greeleys Landing to see the effect of household runoff (detergents, etc). Bob explained that phosphorous is a naturally occurring substance and that any increase would take place over some time.
3. Bob received a chemical purity analysis of lake water forwarded from David Frasz for a sample taken in open water. The analysis is typically done for wells to determine the potability of the water. All tests were at excellent levels. It was noted that E. coli and coli form both had a ‘positive’ detection; this is likely due to natural waste from wildlife. Because the test was NOT to determine potability, this finding is not a concern. A note will be sent to Dr. Frasz thanking him for the report.
4. The current lake level is 322.6 feet, with a high of 325.3 feet the first week of July due to extremely high amounts of rain during June and July.
5. Invasive plants are moving north and east in the state of Maine. Summer residents are asked to be aware of unusual plant growth both at launch sites on the lake and in front of their camps and check boats/trailers for plant material. Some lakes have volunteers at each launch site. There was discussion as to what is done with the boat registration fees; comments were that the money went into the general fund for the state rather than targeting monitoring programs. The VLMP is not a state agency, but does receive some financial support from the state. The VLMP offers free programs all around the state regarding invasive plants and other issues of lake quality.

Maurice Marden and Bob Hall presented information related to the operation of the dam, including DEP mandates and the agreement by which Ampersand must run the dam. A recent communication received from the Maine DEP chronicles the agreement between Ampersand and the state of Maine, and addresses the issues of non-compliance and their corrections. The DEP required Ampersand to:
1. Implement an external outlet gate at the powerhouse at the site of the present sluice; the housing for this outlet gate has been constructed and will be completed in the near future.
2. Create breakaway splashboards; Ampersand has installed 6” splashboards made of special plywood-like material on the leftmost 32’ of the dam which should fail when the lake reaches 323.3’.
3. Run of the river: 0 through 750 cubic feet/sec can exit though the turbines. If more flow is needed, the five internal floodgates in the turbine housing can be opened to allow an additional output flow of 1000 cf/s. During a heavy rainstorm, 5000-8000 cf/s may come into the lake and the excess must go over the splashboards. If the splashboards are set to fail completely, the lake must be lowered to 321’ in order to reinstall flashboards.

Per Maurice Marden, the only time the water can be lowered to less than 322’ is if a state of emergency is declared. The agreement states that the water is to be drawn down in ‘late winter’ only; there is nothing about taking the flash boards off at that time.
Bob suggested that we need to be in support of Ampersand and work with them, not against them. We need to accept the reality of levels rising at some point during the summer if there is a lot of rain.

New Business:

The website has not been maintained and we have sent out an RFP to four companies to submit proposals. Two have responded so far.

Bill Larrabbee’s web site is no longer functioning as he has retired. Mike McCormick’s site is still up.

There will be a ‘duesletter’ sent about March 21, and a newsletter published about May 21. The newsletter will be posted on the new website (assuming it is up) and will be mailed to those who request it.

A motion was made to donate $1000 to the D-F Homecoming Fund to support the fireworks display from the lake. Making that level of donation will get SLA ‘sponsor’ status and increase visibility, and hopefully encourage the committee to again set off the display from the lake. The motion was passed.
Rick Page reported that the SLA sign near Greeley’s Landing is in need of repair. A motion was made to have the sign refurbished and replaced. The motion was passed. Rick agreed to be responsible for getting it out, taking it to Dave Lockwood in D-F and reinstalling it. Related costs will be covered by SLA.

Election of Officers and Board of Directors

Gary Soucy announced that he was stepping down as President, and was on the ballot as VP. He called for nominations from the floor. Gene Snyder nominated Don Baldwin for VP. A unanimous vote was cast by the secretary for the offices of President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. Don Baldwin was elected VP by a show of hands vote.


President Brian Woodworth
Vice President Don Baldwin
Treasurer Jennifer Stewart
Corresponding Secretary Tom Lizotte
Recording Secretary Janet Hall

The following slate for the Board of Directors was elected unanimously with the secretary casting a single vote.

Board of Directors

Don Page Gene Snyder Marie Woodbrey
Elaine Page Elizabeth Snyder Vic Woodbrey
Bob Hall Dean Meffe Maurice Marden
Gary Soucy

Note that Gary Soucy replaced Don Baldwin on the Board due to Don’s election as VP. Becky Engdahl, a long time Board member and friend of the lake was designated Director Emeritus; she currently resides in Hibbard and is unable to attend meetings. The recording secretary will write a letter to her, informing her of her new status on the board.

Gary adjourned the meeting at 7:55 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, Janet Hall, Recording Secretary


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