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2018 Annual Meeting Saturday July 14, 2018



Annual Meeting 2010

July 14, 2010

Thirty-five members of the Sebec Lake Association met in the Mayo Hospital Piscataquis room on July 14, 2010. After calling the meeting to order at 6 p.m., President Brian Woodworth welcomed members to the 38th annual meeting and asked all present to introduce themselves.

The 2010 Treasurer’s Report was presented by Jennifer Stewart. The net income for 7-09 through 6-10 was -$2,908.30 due to limited membership dues in 2009 and $3000 expense to create the new website. With increased communication with property owners, it is hoped that membership will continue to increase this year. Total funds available as of July 2010 are $11,826.

The 2009 Annual meeting minutes were distributed and later approved as distributed.

Election of Officers and Board of Directors

The following slate of Officers was elected unanimously.


President Brian Woodworth
Vice President Don Baldwin
Treasurer Jennifer Stewart
Corresponding Secretary Tom Lizotte
Recording Secretary Janet Hall

It was noted that Gene and Elizabeth Snyder had submitted their resignations. A letter of appreciation for their more than 15 years on the Board will be sent. The following slate for the Board of Directors was elected unanimously.

Board of Directors

Don Page Marie Woodbrey Gary Soucy
Elaine Page Vic Woodbrey Maurice Marden
Bob Hall Dean Meffe

New Business:

Tim Obrey, Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Biologist was introduced to give a presentation on Invasive Fish Species threatening Sebec Lake. Since 1961, lake trout have been stocked in Sebec, with survival rate increasing with improvements in stocking methods. Wild Salmon are no longer stocked; habitat surveys are taken periodically in Sebec’s tributaries in August. It is difficult for the salmon to climb the falls to Wilson Stream; a fish ladder was proposed in the past, but one landowner refused. The lake level must be kept up from 9/15 to 10/15 to make it easier for the salmon to clear the 4 foot falls at Early’s Pool. The flow from Wilson’s Pond and Stream are also regulated at that time. Invasive fish species introduced to nearby lakes include largemouth bass, pike, and crappy. It is a crime to introduce invasive species into a waterway. Currently the Penobscot River Restoration Trust has worked with the Maine and Federal Depts of Natural Resources to get dams removed on the Penobscot and the operation is moving forward. This will eventually allow invasive fish (mainly pike) to enter Sebec Lake if all dams are removed, the fish bypass allowed in Howland, and a request to create a fish ladder into Sebec (Phase 3 of project) is allowed. To research past articles related to this project, search the Bangor Daily News for ‘pike’ and ‘Paul Johnson’. Comments and concerns may be directed to Tim at A round of applause thanked Tim for his presentation. See also Tim’s article published in the recent SLA newsletter.

Gary MacPheters and Dave Sharrow, local operators of the Sebec Dam now owned/operated by Ampersand, pointed out that the new owners have invested a significant amount of money to make the dam work correctly and make improvements which continue to be implemented. Current projects include an autogate to provide low water passage for fish and installing hydraulics behind the flood gates. The lake level is kept high to 10/15 each year per IF&W (see Tim Obrey’s comments above), at which time it is dropped to allow the flashboards to be removed for the winter. Water is released in the spring to allow the boards to be reinstalled, but spring rains and the need to regulate the outflow in order to keep Milo basements from flooding can delay the boards being put in. Maurice Marden pointed out that this spring there was a 5’ rise in the lake just prior to putting the boards in this spring. The comment was made that the gates go down during a power outage to prevent power from being generated.

Bob Hall reported on lake quality. The clarity was at 7+ meters (23 ft) in June; August is typically 8+ meters. Lake level is steady at about 322.8 feet (above sea level), the target level, due to the relatively good weather since the boards were placed.

Brian Woodworth commented on the Duesletter and Newsletter which went out in May and June. Starting with the Newsletter, we are now using bulk mail. Note that bulk mail is NOT forwarded, so please be sure we have your correct mailing address. An email form is available at He thanked Carl Brackett of Foxcroft Printers in D-F for his excellent work. Carl spent extra time of his own to get it looking just right. A question was raised about sending the newsletters by email. For now, we are collecting email addresses, but do not have a sufficient quantity to make this practical. In addition, many folks have expressed a desire to continue to receive the mailings in paper format. In the future, we hope to make email an option. Brian commented on the diversity of states to which our mailings are sent. About 24% go to the local zip codes; about 60% go to Maine, and 40% to 19 other states and 3 out of country addresses. The full chart will be posted on the website in the Meeting Minutes section.

Brian spoke about the upcoming Homecoming sponsored fireworks on 8/7 from a barge on the lake. Money is still needed from camp owners. SLA has contributed $1000 for 2010 and is recognized as a major sponsor. Due to current financial constraints, it was voted that the Board will decide at a later date on a contribution of up to $1000 for 2011. It was also voted that the Board can contribute up to $300 to the Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program, a non-profit which tends to the health and welfare of the lakes in Maine using volunteer monitors. Our volunteers are Bob Hall and Renee Rawinski.

We can always use volunteers for SLA. Check the website. There was some discussion of having the SLA meeting at the public beach next year. You are welcome to communicate on any topic of interest with officers and directors via email; the individual emails are in the Officers/Directors area of the website.

Brian adjourned the meeting at 7:55 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, Janet Hall, Recording Secretary

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