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Dover-Foxcroft, ME

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Rudy Davis

Drew Daubenspeck
Vice President

Brian Woodworth

Janet Hall
Database/Web Manager

Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson

Brian Krause

Jennifer Rogers

Norman Hill

Joe Guyotte

Ellen McDermott

Nick Swett



Annual Mtg Sat 7/9 9:30am@FA Stadium + Agenda

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING:  The 2022 Sebec Lake Association annual meeting will again be held at the Foxcroft Academy football field on Saturday July 9, 2022.  The Board Meeting will start at 9:30 a.m., followed by the Member meeting.  Seating will be on the bleachers under the broadcast booth.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Here's the agenda for the meeting: 

Sebec Lake Association Annual Membership Meeting
July 9, 2022 9:30 am, Foxcroft Academy Grandstands
    •    Call to order, confirm quorum of Board
    •    Welcome and opening remarks……                      
    •    Rudy Davis, President
    •    Joe Guyotte retiring – thank you Joe!!
    •    Re-activation of Corporation status with State
    •    Milfoil nearby – Lake Cobbosseecontee
    •    Treasurer’s Report    :  Brian Woodworth, Treasurer
    •    Election of Officers / Directors
            President   -  Rudy Davis
            Vice President -  Drew Daubenspeck
            Treasurer -  Brian Woodworth
            Secretary - Steve Robinson
            Janet Hall, Norman Hill; Brian Krause; Nick Swett; Ellen McDermott; Steve Robinson; Jennifer Roger
    •    Old Business
    •    Committee Reports:
    ▪    Membership:                           Janet Hall
    ▪    2021 Newsletter                      Drew Daubenspeck
    ▪    Advertising                              Norm Hill
    ▪    IPP:                                         Brian Krause
    ▪    Dichotomy & Lake Level:        Rudy, Nick Swett
    ▪    Website / Social Media:          Janet Hall – Nick Swett
    ▪    New member recruitment       Ellen McDermott
    •    IPP Viewing Boat update – motor purchase
    •    Other items from the floor
    •    New Business
 Discussion:  Should the SLA pursue 501-c-3 tax exempt status?
    a    501-C-3 process costs estimated at ~$2000.00
    b     Trail maps as a source of revenue
    c    2023 FY Budget:
    a    Capital Projects:
        i    501-C-3 process costs                     $2000
        ii    New lake level monitoring electronics  (Nick to provide)
        iii    IPP educational signs for launches
    d    Budget items:  Fixed
    e    Website maintenance and hosting   $500
    f    Water quality testing  $100
    g    $920  Insurance
    a    Treasurer Bond   $360  (3 year policy; $120 per year)
    b    D&O Insurance   $800
    h    State of ME Corporate annual report 
        i    $35.00 Budget Items Proposed
        i    Member Recruitment & Retention    $500
                Hats, T-shirts for sale?
        ii    Glass Bottom boat motor not to exceed $500  (carry forward from 2021)
        iii    Fireworks Donation for 2022:  $ 500
        iv    Establish Reserve fund for Invasive Species response
                Establish account from current cash balance &
                Up to 10% of annual revenues to the account each year
                Impact on balance sheet re tax status under 501 (and not)
        v    Lake Stewards of Maine  Donation:  $500
        vi    Maine Lakes Society Membership $2 per member = $250
        vii    Central hall brick purchase.  $100
        viii    Other
                Float in D-F Homecoming parade??
    •    Other items from the floor              
    •    Q & A
    •    Adjournment


Lake Level Update - Memorial Day 5/30/2022

Lake Level Update:

Hi everyone.  It's good to see the various brooks and streams that feed the lake flowing nicely again, a sign that the winter snowpack and spring rains appear to be back to normal.  Last year at this time, those brooks and streams were pretty much dry, running at a trickle, and the level was at about 317'. 

I had a chance to measure the lake level using the geodetic marker at the Bowerbank boat launch in Newell cove yesterday, and the lake level is right at 323 feet above sea level, a few inches above the 'summertime' upper range of 322.8'. 

Have a great summer and hope to see you at our annual meeting, Saturday July 9, 09:30 at the Foxcroft Academy in the football stand under the broadcast booth. 

Rudy Davis, President, SLA.


Check out the new edition of The Lake Book

You may already be familiar with The Lake Book. A publication that first circulated in the lakes community in the 1980s, The Lake Book was packed with information about lakes and the impacts people have on lake ecology and health. Forty years later, The Lake Book is now in its fourth edition, with a smaller wire-bound format, stunning graphics, colorful photos, and up to date information about lake science, lake wildlife, native plants, best management practices for erosion control, and a list of achievable actions you can take to improve your lake. 

To see The Lake Book, click on Links, then on The Lake Book entry. 



2022 Community Events

  • March 26&27 - Maine Maple Sunday - Bob's Sugar House - Open House, Dover-Foxcroft   
  • April 16 - 55th Annual Kenduskeag River Race  
  • April 23 - 48th Annual Kiwanis Piscataquis River Race - Starting Line-Guilford, Finish Line-Dover-Foxcroft 
  • May 14 - Annual Kiwanis Bike Rodeo, YMCA/Kiwanis Park  
  • May 21 - Sebec - Bean Supper with Pulled Pork  
  • June 18 - Sebec - Ice Cream Social - 6-7:30 
  • June 25 - Maine Whoopie Pie Festival, Dover-Foxcroft 
  • July 4 -Sebec - 5K 8:00, Parade 9:30, Canoe Race 11, Chicken BBQ, Whoopie Pie Sale 11 till sold out 
  • July 15-16 - Annual Guilford Town Wide Yard Sale  
  • July 23 - Sebec - Ice Cream Social - 6-7:30 
  • July 28-31 - 72nd Annual Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanis Auction                  
  • July 30 - Annual Piscataquis River Festival - Guilford  
  • August 5 - Grand Opening of the Jim Robinson Field House at FA; D-F/FA Alumni Weekend  
  • August 6 - Dover-Foxcroft Homecoming Celebration - 100th Wedding Anniversary of Dover-Foxcroft:    Parade - Street Vendors - Beach Party & Fireworks at Municipal Beach, Dover-Foxcroft  
  • August 7 - Homecoming Rain Date 
  • August 20 - Sebec - Silent Auction and All You Can Eat Breakfast - 8-10:30 
  • August 25-28 - 135th Annual Piscataquis Valley Fair, Dover-Foxcroft 
  • September 17 - Sebec - Ham Supper with Scalloped Potatoes 
  • September 24 - Sebec - 3rd Annual Whoopie Pie Sale & Yard Sale for Jimmy Mike's Birthday  
  • September 24 - Annual Guilford Harvest Fair  
  • October 22 - Sebec - Bean Supper with Pulled Pork 
  • November 5 - Sebec - Chicken & Biscuits Supper 
  • December 3 - Sebec - Christmas Party 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic,  some events may be pending - check websites and facebook for times and updates.   

Sebec  supper times are not provided, considering offering pickup only, dining in or both.  Call Barbara Mauzy, 564-3232 for updates.