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2018 Annual Meeting


Fisheries Management Plan 2012

In Fall 2012, Tim Obrey, Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Biologist, called together a group of individuals with an interest in maintaining Sebec Lake's unique qualities to create a plan for managing this precious resource.  In addition to Tim, the Sebec Lake Stakeholders Group includes  Brian Woodworth, Jerry Colbry, Jerry Packard, Jim Drinkwater, Ben Devers, Norm Hill, Peter Chase, and John Tatko.  After much work and discussion, the Plan has been finaized:

2012 Fisheries Management Plan

Slide Presentation 2012 Fisheries Management Plan

2015 Annual Meeting Presentation

At the 2015 Annual Meeting, Tim Obrey talked about the IFW project to monitor salmon attempting to jump Earley's Falls to spawn in the river above the falls.  This included specially made equipment to trap the salmon both before and after jumping the falls, as well as monitoring the feed stock necessary for the salmon fry to mature. 

Salmon Monitoring Program